Document Publishing Using IBM Rational Publishing Engine (RPE)

River North has developed document Publishing services and DOORS add-on products that simplify and facilitate document publishing from DOORS.

Please contact River North Sales for further inquiries into products and services listed.

    PRODUCT: Single-click document publishing using RPE - "ExportMe"

  • Generate an output document in DOORS with a single-click of a drop down menu item
    • Increases document publishing efficiency and productivity
    • Decreases generated document variability
    • Opens up ability for all DOORS users to generate documents in a controlled context
    • Requires zero end-user training

    SERVICE: RPE Jumpstart Package

  • Enables an organization/project to rapidly get started producing documents with RPE
  • Provides basic RPE training for a team of admins assigned the task of document publishing
  • Provides mentoring during the production of the first few RPE templates
  • Provides best practice guidance on usage of RPE with DOORS, such as utilization of a central RPE repository for templates enabling sharing and reuse across the enterprise which reduces template maintenance costs and document variability across projects
  • Can be customized to include solutions for non-standard document publishing requirements such as the following
    • Producing change bars in the generated document
    • Producing an automated Requirements Index that sequentially lists requirements with associated page numbers where each requirement resides in the document - important because requirements never appear sequentially in a generated document
    • Producing extracted content from embedded OLE objects in DOORS - displays the CONTENTS of DOORS embedded OLE objects such as MS Word or MS Excel files in the generated document


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