Hospital Information Systems

Our consultants utilize best practice and make recommendations learned over many years by working with the clinical and financial suites of applications for health care providers. Our consultants have a vast knowledge gained through “hands on” experiences with applications and are able to transfer our intellectual capital to our clients’ staff. We routinely steer a functional team around the challenges and pitfalls that would inevitably occur during an implementation. Our team of consultants can provide the following services:

  • Coordinating table build and planning
  • Guiding application teams
  • Creating and managing integrated test plans
  • Assessing and planning work flows
  • Developing communications and leading change management
  • Analyzing, designing and testing interfaces
  • Planning and testing conversions
  • Supporting and planning Go Live events
  • Integrating Unix Administration with the application
  • Scripting SQL
  • Planning and supporting operations
  • Setting up hardware, deploying and configuring bar code readers, printers and embossers