River North Requirements Management Accelerator Products

River North has developed a number of products that integrate and accelerate the use and adoption of the IBM DOORS Family and Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) platform tools, and the IBM Publishing (formerly called Rational Publishing Engine, RPE) document publishing tool. Together, the River North accelerators and IBM ELM solutions represent a significant increased capability for supporting the product development lifecycle and the publishing of information from those tools

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    DOORS Next Migration Toolkit

  • Automates much of the DOORS Classic to DOORS Next requirement data migration effort
  • Eliminates most of the required tedious, error-prone human tasks
  • Automatically reproduces DOORS Classic links in the DOORS Next/ELM environment

    ETM (Engineering Test Management) Migration Toolkit

  • Automates much of the DOORS Classic to ETM test data migration effort
  • Eliminates much of the required tedious, error-prone human tasks
  • Automatically reproduces DOORS Classic links in the ELM environment


  • Automates data manipulation in DOORS
    • Set attribute values based upon user-defined patterns
    • Move data from object text in one object to attributes in other objects
  • Flexible user defined rule-based UI
  • Large nuclear energy customer reduced input/manipulation of thousands of documents from average of 3 weeks to 2 hours for each document

    Ambiguous Words DetectorTM

  • Displays unresolved ambiguous words "To Do" list
  • Ambiguous words search list contained in DOORS module, enabling:
    • Enterprise scope
    • Simplified search list modifications - no code changes required
  • Detects multiple instances of ambiguous word in each requirement
  • Avoids false detections (e.g. "might" in "mightily")

    Metrics Dashboard

  • Metrics captured:
    • Requirement Growth
    • Requirement Gaps
    • Requirement Orphans
    • Requirement Volatility
  • Graphical display of metrics published to website
  • Automated snapshots of data taken at user-defined intervals
  • Unattended operation
  • Windows installer


  • Displays rich text markup of revisions between baselines or current version to baselines
  • Easily publishable

    Allocated Requirements ToolTM = Requirement Reuse

  • Allocates one 'master' requirement to one or more 'slave' locations - respects rich text and OLE objects
  • Updates slave requirements automatically
    • When module opens
    • When requirement is designated as 'Allocated'
  • Prompts user to confirm overwriting of existing requirement text when creating Allocated Requirement
  • Prohibits modifying Allocated Requirement (slaves)
  • Allows for manually updating all module Allocated Requirements (slaves)

    Report Generation

    • ExportMeTM

      • Single-click document publishing from DOORS using RPE

    • IndexCreatorTM

      • Automated requirements index creator
      • Lists page in exported DOORS document on which each requirement can be found
      • Important because requirements do not appear sequentially in exported document


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