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Two months to Go Live!
The parent company of one of our clients acquired a new hospital, and both entities desired to go live in only two months after finalizing the intent to purchase. Additionally, one of the hospitals was relocating to a new facility during our Go Live! In essence, senior management desired to accomplish ten months of work in two months while controlling implementation costs and using the hospital's resources as much as possible. The scope included:

  • Standardizing and implementing new pay practices
  • Configuring, testing, and deploying a time and attendance system
  • Integrating the new system with the new HR and Payroll systems, also implementing concurrently

Our team provided project management, go live support and training to solve this client's needs. Our collective teams:

  • Standardized pay practices
  • Streamlined specification and development processes
  • Provided project management and training
  • Assisted with testing and go live support

The new organization successfully went live ahead of schedule with an error rate of less than .2%.

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